Ceradon is
committed to a path to make our space more accessible. We've shared below the inaccessible components of our space currently for transparency.
We understand that these inaccessible components limit our capabilities to welcome all communities safely. We recognize this and plan to, within the first 2.5 years, search for and move to an alternative space that does not have these limitations.

Accessibility Guide & Diagram We have a short staircase immediately after the front gate leading to the alley through which the gallery can be accessed. Upon entering the front door of the gallery, we have a staircase in the current space of the gallery at an approx. 30º incline prohibiting a ramp.  This staircase has a support bar running up on its right side.  This staircase leads up to the main exhibition space.  A mezanine floats above the main exhibition space which also has a staircase leading to it with a right-side support bar. Finally, a third staircase with a right-side support bar leads to the rooftop area.

Please find a diagram attached below.

accessibility diagram

Alcide Seraphin Breaux
is our accessibility advisor and a member of our BOA.  They help us work towards a more accessible space in the present and near future.

Breaux brings their expertise in facilitating accessible presentations of artist practices from their organization and facilitation of Crip the Curriculum, an academic research program at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, NL, in 2022, and their own lived experience as a chronically ill and disabled working artist.

Alcide Breaux (b. New Orleans 1996) is an interdisciplinary artist and bioethicist working across sculpture, performance, print, sound, video, and scientific research. They create work reflecting on inhabiting a pathologized body and negotiating the fluid systems of biopolitical power that flow through and between private corporations, government agencies, and corporeal forms.

They have been nominated for and awarded artist residences by the Joan Mitchell Foundation, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and Franconia Sculpture Park.  Breaux has exhibited with WH22, Documenta Fifteen, Kassel (DE); CICA Museum, Gimpo (SK); Gallery Lock In, Brighton (UK); NAVEL, Los Angeles (US); The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia (US), Sullivan Galleries, Chicago (US); and Carroll Gallery of Tulane University, New Orleans (US).


Accessibility RiderThese “riders” are sent to all our artists and associates with whom we work to accommodate disability to the best of our ability, visible or not, in our colleagues.  We encourage all art spaces to provide accessibility riders or request them from their artists and associates.
Please find a fillable version of the form below (provided by Alexandrina Hemsley).


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